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The ballot from the 7 March 1938 Amherst Town Election. It lists various town positions as well as the question about Amherst moving from open to limited town meetings by the change to representative town government.

A girl pushing a baby carriage with a baby inside while another girl walks alongside. A ladder stile leads up on the side of the path.

A guidepost on a road fork with a hedge lining the road and a wooden gate between the hedges. A large rick of straw is in the middle ground with trees growing around.

A white man smoking a pipe sits on the ground leaning against a tree and holding a baby in his lap. A boy stands next to them holding a bowl. Two horses eat nearby a wagon in the middle ground. A line of trees run along a fence on the right.

A dirt path filled with stones, branches, and broken pieces of wood. A small wooden shack with a hole for a door stands in the middle ground with some logs and tree stumps around it. Bare trees grow on the hill in the background. Place identified as…

A white woman stands at the back entrance of a house with a child standing next to her. A man holding the reins of a house stands on the ground looking up at her. A dog stands near the horse and a large wooden basin rests against the side of the…

Four children, girls and boys sit and stand on a pathway on the back of a brick building, with one child leaning against the railing. Some windows are open and tall chimneys rise in the background.

Two white men stand near a massive red Balanced Rock which overlooks the road at a precarious angle. Three donkeys rest at the foot of the rock.

A view of a large brick barn with the doors open and a horse with a wagon in the door. Two white men stand by the horses and a small wagon is resting in the foreground with another partially in view on the right.

A boy and a woman stand facing each other near a door to a barn with hay overflowing from the open gable of the barn. A cart stands near the camera and a dog walks towards the boy from the barn.

A white man holding a box drops what could be seeds on the ground of a partly fenced yard with farm buildings on the right. Two dogs stand on the outside of the yard and pile of wood stands on the left in middle ground.

A boy and a girl stand by a door to a house, both looking down. Two windows are visible, both with closed shutters, a basement entrance on the left and a woodshed in the background.

A white man stands in a small boat near a shore holding a long pole. Trees and bushes grow on the shore and four men stand on the end of a jetty in the background.

A view of a swamp with water in the center extending into the foreground and trees and shrubs growing on both sides of it. Numerous logs float in the water or are caught near the shore.

A couple broken pieces of wood with metal bolts sticking out (possibly from a boat) lie in the sand on a beach with a sand bluff rising on the right and the Atlantic Ocean on the left.
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