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Image of woman, in a white full sleeved dress, sitting on front step or stoop of school house. In front a small front yard, sidewalk, and part of street is shown, and a large tree is on the far right of the photo.

A small pair of metal clamps.

Collection of student photos in collage layout that surrounds image of the school building, with title of "Amherst High School 1927."

Notation on verso: "Breaking ground for the Jones Library July 25, 1927". An older man in suit and hat stands in frame right with his left foot on a shovel facing a young boy dressed in short pants in frame left who holds a long pole and looks at the…

Scan of two penny saver pages with ads for local Amherst businesses including Bolles Shoes and Thompsons.

Portrait of Sarah Ann Mary Spear.

spear_mirick_n_ photos_undated_mirick_nathan_spear.jpg
Portrait of Mirick Nathan Spear.

Scan of school song music and lyrics.

Scan of "bill of landing" for shipped straw hats, and conditions page. All from Central Vermont Railway Company.

Portrait of second grade class, four rows of children, boys in button ups shirts and slacks, some with ties, girls in dresses, many with collars, and some wearing bows in their hair. Taken outdoors with some of the treeline behind.

Image of school exterior, building front, showing front door and steps with flag pole at right.

Scan of postcard displaying image of two trolleys angled towards each other, both with passengers, where the two trolleys converge there is a small group of women and it appears the two conductors or individual (one from each trolley) are leaning of…

Scan of brochure pages describing the conditions and sequence of events surrounding the flood.

flood, 1936--brochures_1936_the great flood of 1936, general conditions, image page.jpg
Scan of brochure page of flooding, Turners Falls Dam.
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