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Christopher Benfey.jpg
Local author Christopher Benfey poses in front of Emily Dickinson's gravesite while holding copies of his books, The Great Wave, A Summer of Hummingbirds, and Red Brick, Black Mountain, White Clay.

Martha Ackmann.jpg
Local author Martha Ackmann poses with a scarecrow and copies of her books, These Fevered Days:Ten Pivotal Moments in the Making of Emily Dickinson, Curveball: The Remarkable Story of Toni Stone, The First Woman to Play Professional Baseball in the…

Richard Ballon.jpg
Local playwright Richard Ballon poses with a copy of his book, enough of a little to know the all, in his community garden in Florence, Massachusetts.

Blanche Cybele Derby.jpg
Local author Blanche Cybele Derby poses with copies of her books, My Wild Friends and More My Wild Friends.

Willie Wheeler.jpg
Local poet Willie Wheeler poses with a copy of his book, Words and Pictures.

Kitty Florey.jpg
Local author Kitty Florey poses outside the Jones Library with a copy of her book, Amity Street.

Wally Swist with Tevis Kimball.jpg
Local author Wally Swist poses with Tevis Kimball in the Jones Library's David Chapin Kinsey Memorial Garden.

Tulip Chowdhury.jpg
Local author Tulip Chowdhury poses with copies of her books: Skirts and Saris: Journal Pages; April; Visible, Invisible, and Beyond: A Novel; and Stars in the Sky.

Ted Rau and Jerry Koch-Gonzalez.jpg
Local authors Ted Rau and Jerry Koch-Gonzalez pose with copies of their books, Many Voices One Song and Muchas Voces Una Canción.

Sonia Nieto Patty Bode and Alicia Lopez.jpg
Local authors Sonia Nieto, Patty Bode, and Alicia Lopez pose together with copies of their books: Brooklyn Dreams: My Life in Public Education by Sonia Nieto, Affirming Diversity: The Sociopolitical Context of Multicultural Education by Sonia Nieto…

Shelley Rotner.jpg
Local author Shelley Rotner poses with copies of her books, Shades of People and Colors.

Rich Michelson.jpg
Local author Rich Michelson poses with copies of his books, Fascinating: the Life of Leonard Nimoy and As Good as Anybody: Martin Luther King, Jr. and Abraham Joshua Heschel's Amazing March Toward Freedom, in front of the Jones Library.

Michael Miller.jpg
Local poet Michael Miller poses with a copy of his book, Entering the Day.

Marietta Pritchard.jpg
Local author Marietta Pritchard poses with copies of her books, Travels with Bill, Among Strangers: A Family Story, and The Way to Go.

Lisa Lieberman.jpg
Local author Lisa Lieberman poses with a copy of her book, All the Wrong Places.
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