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A bare tree grows next to a tombstone in a cemetery. Another tombstone is in the foreground and a fence is behind the tree. The Connecticut River flows in the are in the background. Caption on back: "Hockanum cemetery. Connecticut River and Russell's…

A drawing of a hen house with four small windows in the front and a larger window on the right side. The building is taller in the front than in the back and is on a small hill. A fence is behind it with a tree growing behind it.

An incomplete drawing of a woman sitting. She is faced left, has her hair in a bun and is wearing a blouse. Her arms are drawn but not her hands or lower body.

A woman sits on a bench right over water holding a long fishing pole. There is a fence lining the water on in the middleground and there are buildings and trees in the background.

A fountain with a small basin shaped like a heart filled with water on top, and a column connecting it to a larger base reading "Blessed be the merciful" The bottom support has the initials "WCTU" written on it.

Two pails rest on the floor on the right framed as if seen through a keyhole. A shelf is hanging on a wall in the center with a picture frame and clock on the top shelf and some small jugs below. A plucked, upside-down chicken hangs on the left with…

A wooden chair with armrests and back support. A small extension for the head is above the back rest. The front and back legs of the chair are connected with a bar and and the left and right sides are connected by a larger bar in the center. The…

A pencil sketch of a barnyard with a fence in the foreground and a part of a house drawn on the right of the barn.

A pencil sketch showing a tall, rolled tobacco with arms and legs and a face. Its holding its arm on the shoulder of a shorter man in front of it wearing a top hat and smoking a cigar. Smoke covers most of the illustrations with a number of stick…

A white boy stands in a boat holding his oar up looking at a large serpent with its head high above the water and its tongue sticking out.

A man leans on a stone railing leading up to a castle in the background. There is water around the castle with some passing under the arch bridge.

A bunny stands by a snowy garden patch with a small sign reading "CROCUS" in the patch. She is wearing a dress and boots and is holding her arms behind her back. A wooden fence runs across the middle ground and smoke rises from a chimney in the…

A young white boy sitting cross-legged in an armchair reading a newspaper and resting his left foot on a footrest.

Two white girls, one walking by a rail, the other on a rail, with her arms slightly extended for balance. Wooden planks cross the tracks to connect the road on each side. Utility poles run along the tracks and A bird house is mounted near the road in…

A white girl and boy play in a yard of a house. The girl stands holding sticks in each hand looking at a chicken in front of her. The boy kneels in front of a wooden pallet. A shutter is breaking off of a window on the house and a ladder leans…
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