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A group of people (probably the Town Representatives) are sitting in an auditorium, with one gentleman standing up in the center of the photograph speaking toward a person or persons out of frame right.

A photograph taken in an auditorium during Town Meeting. A man stands at a podium on the stage, while another person stands at a podium on the floor, speaking to the seated assembly. Several people are sitting at tables flanking the speaker, and two…

Photograph of four men each holding a toy and standing before a pile of toys.

Military veterans stand at attention, one man holds an American flag and another man holds what is likely an American Legion flag. Spectators are seen in the background.

A picture of the Amherst Arts and Crafts Fair, used on page 10 of the Amherst Record "Spring '74" section 24 March 1974, as a promotion for the upcoming 1 June Fair.

Image of Rene Moss on telephone holding child. Showing Rene Moss and child at center, sitting behind desk with binder and notebook, back wall and right side have hanging racks of clothing.

Image of the House of Walsh store front.

Image of woman posing in front of brick building, wearing a plaid dress with tie belt.

amherst_record_collection_undated_ thomsons_may_6.jpg
Image of couple posing in styled suits in home at front of a fireplace.

Image of woman posing in pant and turtleneck with open jacket. Showing woman leaning against bus stop glass with foot on bench, business fronts in background including Russell's Liquors Inc.

Image of people in and around the pool. Showing a child sitting on the edge by the "3ft" label, another older child lounges leaning againt the rail to the pool steps. Adult holds young child to have its feet dip in water, the other swimming lanes…

Image of 3 students and adult painting sign for the school store.

Image of 8 children loaded into car, viewed outside of the car rear, one child with a "space:1999" lunch box.

Image of man, in blazer and white button up shirt with dark pants, posed in front of the Pub holding four menus splayed as prop in front of him.

Image of five students and two adults posed outside of a building, on the left three girls in front and two boys behind, and two men on the right, the center of the two holding a trophy.
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