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A view of a rocky terrace with some steam rising in places. A rocky mountain rises in the background.

A view of a rocky terrace with water in places. Some buildings are visible in the valley in the middle ground and a rocky mountain is in the background.

A beaver dam crossing a stream in the foreground with some snow on the ground around it. A forest is in the middle ground and a snow-capped mountain rises in the background.

A white man stands on the left in a large flat basin looking at smoke rising from a geyser in the middle ground. A row of trees lines a hill in the background.

A view of short, bare trees rising out of water in the foreground and gasses rising from fumarole on a mountain in the background.

A view of a large waterfall in the middle ground with some snow on the ground around it. Forested hills surround the waterfall and a steep rock face cliff with a viewing platform on top is on the right.

A view of a large, flat basin with steam rising from many parts of it. A plank pathway crosses it into the background. Two men and a woman walk around the basin in the middle ground.

A view of a dirt street in a town with different buildings on the right. Some men sit on benches and stand around. One horse stands near the foreground and two wagons are parked on either side of the street in the middle ground. Mountains, some…

Three horses stand near a tree in the foreground. A plain expands in the middle ground and a number of people ride on horses.

A log cabin stands near an edge of a forested hill. Some trees grow on the right and the whole scene is covered in snow.

A large waterfall in the middle ground surrounded by hills and forests. Some snow is on the ground in places. A tree is on the left in the foreground.

An advertising billboard reading: "PFEIFFER LUMBER Co. OPPOSITE DEPOT." The billboard shows a person on a small wagon looking at a billboard reading: "WE GIVE BETTER LUMBER AT THE SAME PRICE OR EQUAL GRADES AT A LOWER PRICE." A second billboard…

A white woman, a girl, and two boys sit on a wagon hitched to two horses. A man and a boy walk on the sidewalk on the left. Town buildings are in the background and utility poles run along the road.

A white girl sits on a wheelbarrow shucking corn. A boy stands next to her doing the same. A pail filled with corn is between them and a chicken stands in the foreground. An open barn door is in the background.

A person sits on top of a pile of hay-filled wagon pulled by two horses. They are at a crossroads in the middle ground turning to the right. Two trees grow in the foreground and another wagon is riding in the background.
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