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A man sits in a rocking chair made out of a barrel. There is a stove in front of him, and a bed next to him with some newspapers hanging on the walls. A lamp rests on a desk between the bed and the stove.

A man stands on a sled hitched to two horses with a large wooden barrel on top. He is pouring a bucket into the large barrel. Trees surround him and some large, dead tree stumps are in the foreground.

A stream running through rocks with a high rock wall on both sides. A wooden path with a railing is built near the left wall, to the side of the stream. Trees grow on top of the rock walls and in the background.

A wooden house of rather shoddy quality. The planks of the roof are uneven and of varying lengths, there are some planks supporting the side of the house and house is uneven. Tall grasses grow around it and a raised wooden path leads up to the house.…

A tomb standing among rocks near a large body of water. A lighthouse stands near a house on an island in the background.

A man sits in a boat rowing out towards the other shore of the river. Three more boats rest on the near shore with trees growing on the left and other trees visible on the far shore.

A man stands in a boat near a shore holding an oar and steering. A river extends behind him with some trees growing on the far shore.

A girl sits on a tall trunk of a tree which serves as a fence post while another girl stands next to her on planks. A boy stands on the ground looking up at them with a dog sitting at his feet. A body of water is visible behind them with some trees…

Two girls stand on a dirt path, one holding a cat, and both looking off the camera to the right. A body of water is partly visible on the left with trees filling in the background.

Three boys stand while one boy sits next to a dog in a field. One of the boys is holding a wooden stick with a wheel attached to the end, used for playing. A wooden fence is behind them and trees fill the background.

A two story house with two chimneys and attached one story wings stands among bare trees near a river. A small boat rests by the edge of the water and another house is visible on the right with hills rolling across the background.

A view of a harbor in Portsmouth with a ship moored in the center and another partly visible on the right. A number of industrial buildings stand along the water with one reading: "Boynton Bottling Works Wholesale Ales, Wines and Liquors."

A panoramic view of a town with houses and a clock spire rising above trees as viewed across the water. A couple of boats are in the center of the photograph.

Two horses stand on a snow-covered path with one man holding onto the reins of one while another man loads logs on a sleigh behind them.

A man a piece of wood in each hand walks on top of snow-covered logs. A large wooden building is visible behind him and trees grow around the camp.
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