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Scan of advertisement card for straw and palm hats, background is a simple hat design, "the woodcut for this HAT engraved by EA Thompson" hand written at bottom, and dates handwritten near upper right, all with printed text over center of card.

Image of Lloyd Walsh, grandson of Thomas Walsh. Portrait shows him in slicked back hair at a mid shot wearing a light jacket, button up shirt and tie, small circular, two toned pin on his left lapel.

amherst high school song_1910_amherst high school song music and lyrics page.jpg
Scan of school song music and lyrics.

Scan of railway time table listing times and special circumstances for travel stops.

Scan of railway time table listing times and special circumstances for travel stops.

Back page advertisement of business, listing goods sold and location. From 1896 Farmer's Almanack.

spear_mirick_advertising_1884_ mrs_mn_spear_advertisement_card.jpg
Scan of invitation card, advertising a spring opening for millinery goods.

Image of Gil Roberts (Robert Gilbert) smiling as he plays his banjo. He is wearing a button up shirt with a dark texture tie, he is shown from the waist up in a mid shot framing.

Scan of advertisement flyer listing sales, new items, and business information.

amherst_businesses_misc_1867_ express_job_printing_invoice_front.jpg
Scan of invoice for printing services to the Northampton County Commissioners for December, January, and March.

Scan of gift tag from metal cookie cutter in shape of bear, lists care for item and business information.

Scan of advertisement gift card listing business information and history, with business card included.

Scan of advertisement post card listing business information.

Scan of flyer for Captain Video in Amherst, it has a comic book theme expressing how captain video saves the day by providing movies to the town.

amherst_businesses_misc_1952_amherst_grain_and_ coal_co.jpg
Scan of advertisement post card listing product costs, and business information.
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