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A group of children playing (cricket?) in the field by the school house. Mount Tom visible in the background. The teacher is Miss Lawrence and the children are Eleanor Johnson, Norman Barstow, Peggy Lyman, Richard Thayer, and Warren Johnson.

Display of flying vehicles over Pratt Field during a baseball game, which includes zeppelins, hot air balloons, and early airplanes. The caption on the photograph reads, "High times on Pratt Field. Cheer for old Amherst."

Photograph of the Amherst Bicycle Club taken in the Brattleboro, Vermont, studio of C. L. Howe on May 16, 1881. Members are wearing athletic clothes of the day and posed with a high wheeler bicycle.

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The proposal for Pratt Field and grandstand, located on Northampton Road, was initiated, and the cost met, in 1890 by Frederic B. Pratt of the class of 1887. The grandstand was built in 1891 and had a seating capacity of around four hundred. It also…

Trade card for the Amherst Roller Rink, a roller-skating establishment which was located in Palmer Hall (today the site of Amherst Town Hall) in the 1880s.

This building was erected in 1860, and was named for Dr. Benjamin Barrett, a large contributor to the fund for its construction. Amherst was the first College to introduce gymnastic exercise as a part of regular College work.

Climbing wall at the 2008 Taste of Amherst with two children partway up the wall.

A crowd of people watch the Shaolin Kung Fu demonstration on the Amherst Town Common at the 2008 Taste of Amherst. Colorful food tents form the background of the photograph.

This is an early baseball game in progress in a field next to South College. Athletics were introduced to the campus in 1868 when the Wilder Baseball Association was organized. The ball club was named in honor of trustee Marshall P. Wilder, who…

View of East College dormitory before the completion of Stearns Chapel in 1873. There is a group of students in front playing baseball.

Students play ice hockey on the Massachusetts Agricultural College pond.

Ice hockey game in progress on the pond at Mass Aggie. Snow is cleared to create walkways around the pond.

Written on back: "Thought maybe when you looked at this it would make you cooler - I am in Deuels talking to Susie. I am using her pencil. I…

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View of a young boy fishing at Mill Pond in Cushman. The pond was at the corner of State Street and East Leverett Road and was the water source for the mills downstream, including the Roberts mill.

This building was completed in 1884, and cost $68,000. It received its name in honor of Mr. Charles M. Pratt, of the class of 1879, through whose generosity it was erected. The first floor contained the office of the Professor of Hygiene and Physical…

Children demonstrating martial arts poses on the Town Common at the 2008 Taste of Amherst. The demonstration was sponsored by Shaolin Kung Fu of Amherst. In the background is the vehicle painted with the logo for the radio station 93.9 "The River."
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