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Benches and the shade of a large tree on top of Mount Pollux.

Looking up at the two trees at the top of Mount Pollux.

Bench and scenic view on Mount Pollux.

Edward Hitchcock described Mount Pollux, and its twin, Mount Castor, as a "small, rounded eminence, which is cleared and opens from its top one of the most lovely panoramas which nature has formed. All around…

View of the Connecticut River from Mount Holyoke showing Shepard's Island. Northampton farmland is on the left side of the river and Hadley is on the right. Fort River snakes around in the right foreground and joins the larger Connecticut.

Scenic view of the pond at Mass Aggie surrounded by nicely landscaped trees and shrubs. A small island is visible in the middle and a group of students relax at the edge.
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