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From left to right, Bonnie Isman, Julius Lester, and Dan Lombardo stand in front of an exhibit panel in the Special Collections department during the dedication of the Julius Lester Collection.

The whole auditorium at the Jones Library was filled with flowers during this flower show held in 1935. This view shows the portion of the show that filled the stage.

French cooking expert Charlotte Turgeon demonstrates cooking with chocolate.

This photograph shows the front entranceway of the Jones Library. The back of the library (prior to the 1993 renovation) is visible through the archway.

Early internet station in the Jones Library Reference Department.

This is the first book-by-book inventory done by the Library since the fire at the Amherst House in 1926. It took a week to complete by 60-odd staff and volunteers. The women on the left are Lucy Gallagher, Claire Sussman, and Windy Sayer.

John Musante and Bonnie Isman in the Woodbury Room of The Jones Library

Adult reading room 1968.jpg
The adult reading room of the Jones Library in 1968.

View of the Jones Library auditorium taken from the back of the room and looking toward the stage showing the piano and the stage curtains.

Boltwood Historical and Genealogical Room.jpg
The Boltwood Room. Caption on reverse reads, "The Boltwood Room- a genealogical and historical collection, once owned by the Boltwood family."

The Burnett Gallery in the 1928 Jones Library before the renovation in the early 1990s.

Photograph of Kenneth Ives (custodian) and Ena Cane (cataloger) in the Burnett Art Gallery in the summer of 1969

View of the busy children's room of the Jones Library when the library was located in the Amherst House hotel.

Office of the director of the Jones Library.

The former Amherst Room which was converted to the Sidney Waugh room (now housing Technical Services) in 1968.This room once housed the library’s local authors collection, the Amherst imprint collection, and miscellaneous local history materials.
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