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View of Amity Street and Amherst Academy building, where Emily Dickinson went to school. The Academy building is three and one-half stories and federal style. The building was razed in 1868. Rev. David Parsons House is on the right. The Jones Library…

Almanac "containing matters of local interest, local business announcements...also some pages of miscellaneous reading." Includes a chronology of notable events (both local and national) for 1876, Amherst marriages and deaths for the year, statistics…

This 24-page brochure describes Amherst during Emily Dickinson's lifetime including the landscape, highlights of Amherst College, changes to Kellogg Block, and businesses in Amherst center. There is a good description of the merchandise sold in each…

This 16-page catalog lists trustees, teachers and pupils at the Mount Holyoke Female Seminary for the year that Emily Dickinson attended, describing the course of study, entrance requirements, books used, vacations, Sabbath requirements, etc.

First Congregational Church Construction.jpg
Construction of the First Congregational Church on Main Street in the winter of 1867. This building was the fourth meetinghouse constructed by the congregation. Edward Dickinson (Emily's father) gave a speech at its dedication.

George Cutler & Co. account book page showing purchases by Edward Dickinson and William Austin Dickinson.

Photograph of the Dickinson Homestead.

Interpretive drawing of Emily Dickinson done in pen, ink, and ink wash by local artist Scott Prior.

Evergreens in winter.jpg
View of the William Austin Dickinson house from across Main Street and with snow on the ground.

This building stood at the corner of Amity and North Pleasant Street. Samuel K. Orr remodeled it as a modern drug store and opened his shop there in 1859. According to the Springfield Republican (October 22, 1864 edition, page 8) William F. Gunn…

Birds-eye-view lithograph of Amherst. Perspective map not drawn to scale. Published by John B. Bachelder between 1855 and 1857.

Includes insets: Residence of Prof. Edward Hitchcock, Residence of L.S. Sweetser, esq.; Residence of Hon. Edward…

Lithograph of the Dickinson Homestead on Main Street shortly after the Homestead was reacquired by Edward Dickinson.

View east down the middle of Main Street with the First Congregational Church on the right and a section of one of the Dickinson houses on the left.

Newspaper clipping of the obituary of Emily Dickinson written by Susan Dickinson and published in the Springfield Republican (May 18, 1886) and the Amherst Record (May 19, 1886).

This building is the third meetinghouse constructed by the First Congregational Church of Amherst. First Church removed the east portico of this building in 1861, as shown in this photograph. Amherst College bought this building in 1867, and renamed…
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