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This building is the third meetinghouse constructed by the First Congregational Church of Amherst. First Church removed the east portico of this building in 1861, as shown in this photograph. Amherst College bought this building in 1867, and renamed…

This business block is called Palmer Block and is where Emily Dickinson's father and brother operated their law firm. Written on verso: "C.J.W. from Mother Dec. 25, 1875."

Portrait of Frazar Stearns shortly before he was killed in the battle of Newbern. The photograph was for his parents (Amherst College President William A. Stearns and Rebecca Alden Frazar Stearns) as the signature underneath reads, "Your affec. son,…

View of Main Street looking east, showing the William Austin Dickinson house and the Emily Dickinson house. People are standing on the sidewalk. This image shows the area near the current Sweetser Park.

This sermon was preached at the beginning of the Civil War by Charles Wadsworth, a minister proclaimed by Emily Dickinson to be "My Shepherd from 'Little Girl'hood'." Dickinson had heard him preach at the Arch Street Presbyterian Church in…

View west on Main Street toward the center of town from about where the Dickinson Homestead is. Trees, hedges, and fences line the dirt sidewalks, and the road is unpaved and rutted.
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