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View of Main Street looking east, showing the William Austin Dickinson house and the Emily Dickinson house. People are standing on the sidewalk. This image shows the area near the current Sweetser Park.

View west on Main Street toward the center of town from about where the Dickinson Homestead is. Trees, hedges, and fences line the dirt sidewalks, and the road is unpaved and rutted.

Newspaper clipping of the obituary of Emily Dickinson written by Susan Dickinson and published in the Springfield Republican (May 18, 1886) and the Amherst Record (May 19, 1886).

George Cutler & Co. account book page showing purchases by Edward Dickinson and William Austin Dickinson.

Birds-eye-view lithograph of Amherst. Perspective map not drawn to scale. Published by John B. Bachelder between 1855 and 1857.

Includes insets: Residence of Prof. Edward Hitchcock, Residence of L.S. Sweetser, esq.; Residence of Hon. Edward…

Lithograph of the Dickinson Homestead on Main Street shortly after the Homestead was reacquired by Edward Dickinson.
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