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Trade card advertising the Amherst business of F. H. Howes, a grocer located in Merchants' Row in the 1880s. The cartoon on the card illustrates Victorian humor.

Trade card advertising the Amherst business of J. M. Waite & Son, a hatter and outfitter for gentlemen, whose establishment was located in Cook's Block, Phoenix Row, in the late 1880s.

View of the Hills Company hat factory which became one of the largest hat manufacturers in the United States. These buildings were constructed on the east side of the New London Northern Railroad tracks after the first factory was consumed by fire in…

Old station on North Pleasant Street at Massachusetts Agricultural College where passengers could wait for the trolley during inclement weather.

This trade card advertises the optical business which was run by Edgar R. Bennett from sometime in the 1880s through 1903. Bennett was a watchmaker, jeweler, optician, and bicycle agent. His shop was in Merchants' Row on South Pleasant Street.

View of the three bridges crossing the Connecticut River from Hadley to Northampton at the turn of the century. They were the trolley bridge, the old highway bridge, and the Boston and Maine Railroad bridge which is now part of the Norwottuck Rail…

View looking north from the junction of Amity and North Pleasant Streets. Horses and carts are parked in front of businesses and the streets are unpaved.

View looking west on Main Street and showing a section of Merchants' Row and the second incarnation of the Amherst House. Businesses visible in the Amherst House block include Harry H. Clark, Deuel's Drug Store, and Campion & Fish.

The first…

This large hotel once stood on the corner of South Pleasant and Amity Streets and is shown here with both horse carts and automobiles parked in front.

View of the horse and cart that was used to deliver goods for the Grange Store in the early 1900s.

Subscription list for Peletiah Smith and seven others to share labor to build a gristmill on the Fort River in the Second Precinct of Hadley.

Agreement between Peletiah Smith and seven others to build, and to share equally the cost of, a gristmill to be situated on the Fort River in the Second Precinct of Hadley.

Office and studio where John L. Lovell operated his photography business in Amherst, Mass.

View of a trolley car traveling south on North Pleasant Street.

View looking east down Main Street toward the First Congregational Church. There is a horse and wagon rolling down the street.
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