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View of the east end of Phoenix Row on Main Street. The new Lincoln Block is in the foreground.

The Amherst Journal of 6/16/1950 states, "Built by the Allen Brothers of Amherst in 1909 and 1910, the structure was designed by James H. Ritchie of…

View of the Unitarian Universalist Society building on North Pleasant Street with a partial view of the house next door. The church was built in 1893.

This large hotel once stood on the corner of South Pleasant and Amity Streets and is shown here with both horse carts and automobiles parked in front.

This brick building, located at the intersection of Shays and Middle Streets, and Pomeroy Lane, was once the South Amherst post office.

Evergreens in winter.jpg
View of the William Austin Dickinson house from across Main Street and with snow on the ground.

North Fire Station on East Pleasant Street at Eastman Lane.

This is the old fire station with the police lockup, a two-story brick building, in the rear. There are 1920's era automobiles parked in the street in front.

This is the old fire station which stood on North Pleasant Street during its deconstruction. It was built in 1860 and razed in 1930. The gambrel roof of the new Jones Library building is visible in the background.

The Strong House on Amity Street is located next to the Jones Library and is the home of the Amherst Historical Society, which purchased the property in 1916 . It was built about 1744 and is considered one of the oldest existing homes in Amherst.…

View of Morgan Library on South Pleasant Street in Amherst. The Library was constructed in the years 1852-53 by Henry A. Sykes of Springfield who was the architect and the contractor. The building was dedicated November 22, 1853.

View of the Old Chapel at Massachusetts Agricultural College, which was designed by architect Stephen C. Earle of Worcester and constructed in the years 1884-86. View looking across the campus pond which was created in 1892.

This is the second incarnation of Walker Hall, built after the first building was gutted by fire in 1882. This building was torn down to clear the site for the construction of the Robert Frost Library at Amherst College.

This building was constructed on the site of the Palmer Block, which was destroyed by fire during the Blizzard of 1888. It was designed by Henry S. McKay of Boston. Construction was completed in November 1890. The clock is installed in the tower in…

The building seen in the foreground is the second incarnation of Walker Hall, which was rebuilt after a fire destroyed the first building in 1882. This building was torn down to clear the site for the construction of the Robert Frost Library at…
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