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Collage view of three scenes described as the Gymnasium, Walker Hall, and a view of Lessey Street.

Collage view of five Amherst College scenes showing Morgan Library, the Observatory, Appleton Cabinet, College Hall, and a general view of the campus.

Collage view of three aerial scenes described as southeast view from college - hills and Holyoke Range, general view, and view of Walker Hall.

Collage view of four Amherst College fraternities listed as Alpha Delta Phi, Psi Upsilon, Chi Phi, Delta Upsilon, and two views of Whately Glen.

Collage view of four Amherst College fraternity houses described as Beta Theta Pi, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Chi Psi, and Phi Delta Theta.

This view, taken from Morgan Library, shows nearly all the college buildings.

South College (in the foreground) is the oldest building on the College grounds and was constructed in 1820 and used as a dormitory. In 1891 it was extensively altered and modernized. The chapel, constructed in 1827, was used for morning prayers and…

This building was constructed in 1857-58 through the liberality of the Hon. Samuel Williston. It contained recitation rooms, and the third floor was occupied by the "Mather Collection of Art." In the hallway of the main entrance was located a brass…

Originally constructed in 1871 through the generosity of Dr. W. J. Walker, this building was destroyed by fire in 1882, and rebuilt in 1883. This is the second incarnation of Walker Hall. It contained lecture and recitation rooms and offices for the…

This building was erected in 1860, and was named for Dr. Benjamin Barrett, a large contributor to the fund for its construction. Amherst was the first College to introduce gymnastic exercise as a part of regular College work.

This building was completed in 1884, and cost $68,000. It received its name in honor of Mr. Charles M. Pratt, of the class of 1879, through whose generosity it was erected. The first floor contained the office of the Professor of Hygiene and Physical…

This church building was erected in 1870-71 from designs by W.A. Potter of New York and through the generosity of William F. Stearns, who contributed the largest portion of the funds for its erection. The gable ends of the building were decorated by…

Interior of Stearns Church showing pews, arches, the right transept, the carved pillar at the entrance, and a magnificent organ in the background. The church seated about 600 people.

This building was erected in 1855 and was named for the Hon. Samuel Appleton. It contained the Hitchcock Ichnological Collection, the Gilbert Museum of Indian Relics, and the Adams Zoological Collection.

From Handbook of Amherst by Frederick H. Hitchcock, 1894: "The building stands upon the site of the first meeting-house of the First Congregational Society The Cabinet and the Observatory were built in 1847 at a cost of $9000, which was raised by…
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