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View of Arthur E. Hobart's farmhouse and barns. The brochure states: "The Amherst House is supplied with milk from A. E. Hobart's farm, situated on North Pleasant Street about two miles on main road from Amherst House. Farm comprises 60 acres with 30…

Advertisement Jackson and Cutler.jpg
Advertisement for the firm of Jackson & Cutler which succeeded the firm of George Cutler & Co. in 1884. The store sold clothing and related articles. The women drawn in the ad have a feminine, wasp-waisted, Gibson Girl look.

Trade card distributed by the Amherst pharmacy W. H. H. Morgan around the turn of the century. The illustration is an image of a group of young women being instructed in home economics. On the back is printed the price, the list of colors, and other…

This structure was built on the site where Noah Webster's house was located during the time he spent in Amherst writing his dictionary (1812-1822). It was built as the Hygeian Hotel. This statement was printed in the Springfield Republican edition of…

Turn of the century view of the center of Amherst looking west toward the Amherst House from the north end of the Town Common.

Purchased by Amherst College in 1892, the Boltwood House was remodeled as a student dining hall and renamed Hitchcock Hall. It was razed in 1916 for the construction of Converse Memorial Library, now Converse Hall.

View of the house used as a long-term care residence for elderly women on North Pleasant Street in North Amherst. Written on back: "later moved."

View of the Amherst House which was located on the corner of Amity and South Pleasant Streets. This is the second incarnation of the hotel and is shown here with people posing in front and the stagecoach parked on the side of the building. D. H.…

View looking west on Main Street and showing a section of Merchants' Row and the second incarnation of the Amherst House. Businesses shown in the Amherst House block include E. R. Clark, Deuel's Drug Store, a clothes shop, and Amherst E-O Store.…

View looking west on Main Street and showing a section of Merchants' Row and the second incarnation of the Amherst House. Businesses visible in the Amherst House block include Harry H. Clark, Deuel's Drug Store, and Campion & Fish.

The first…

Amherst Tax Records 1900.pdf
Tax record book showing property owned and its value.

This building was constructed on the site of the Palmer Block, which was destroyed by fire during the Blizzard of 1888. It was designed by Henry S. McKay of Boston. Construction was completed in November 1890. The clock is installed in the tower in…

img437 R.jpg
Photograph and newspaper article detailing the history of the old Kellogg house on North East Street, the house that became the first long term post office in Amherst. The story includes interesting tidbits including a description of the murals that…

Game room at the Amherst House showcasing several pool tables.

View of a Knox truck belonging to Egbert E. Perry loaded with trunks. The Knox truck was built in Springfield and was a gas-powered, two-cylinder vehicle. Egbert E. Perry was in the trucking business from 1899 to 1928. There are men and boys standing…
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