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A road leading up to the Johnson place in Hockanum. A barn stands in the field on the left, separated from the road by a fence. A woodpile stands by the road. A house and farm buildings visible in the middle ground with the Connecticut river partly…

View west from Mt Pleasant.jpg
View toward the west from the top of Mount Pleasant, looking out over an orchard.

View of a trolley car traveling south on North Pleasant Street.

View looking north on South Pleasant Street. Merchants' Row is on the left, Town Common is on the right, and horses with carriages are parked near the shops. The flag pole can be seen at the edge of the Town Common.

This building was constructed on the site of the Palmer Block, which was destroyed by fire during the Blizzard of 1888. It was designed by Henry S. McKay of Boston. Construction was completed in November 1890. The clock is installed in the tower in…

View of a trolley car traveling along the Town Common on South Pleasant Street.

View of the Amherst House which was located on the corner of Amity and South Pleasant Streets. This is the second incarnation of the hotel and is shown here with people posing in front and the stagecoach parked on the side of the building. D. H.…

This image is part of an advertisement for Amherst House Livery Feed and Hack Stable and shows an assortment of carriages and wagons with horses. The Amity Street School is visible on the right. The advertisement reads: "Guests of Amherst House are…

This image is part of an advertisement for the E. D. Marsh furniture store and shows the company's horse and wagon parked beside the business. The advertisement reads: "The Amherst House furnished with furniture, carpets, and hangings by E. D. Marsh,…

View showing Main Street (with a trolley car in the foreground), Town Hall, and the Town Common from the balcony of the Amherst House.

This image is part of an advertisement for the College Co-Op Steam Laundry and shows a long wooden building with a horse and carriage parked outside. The advertisement reads: "Amherst House laundry work is done by the College Co-op Steam Laundry, So.…

View of the guest registration office at the Amherst House with a large desk, chairs, wall hangings, etc.

View of the shop window of the H. B. Edward & Co. drygoods store. This image is part of an advertisement and shows the front windows of the shop filled with ladies dresses. The store specialized in ladies' fine underwear. The advertisement reads:…

This is the elegantly appointed main parlor at the Amherst House. The brochure states: "On the second floor front is the large main parlor with French windows opening upon the veranda on the front and side. It is extremely pleasant and inviting, with…

View of the dining room at the Amherst House filled with tables and chairs. The brochure states: "The main dining room and the culinary department occupy the main portion of the second floor. The dining room is very pleasantly situated, finely…
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