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This house was erected on North Pleasant Street and belonged to the youngest fraternity instituted at the College. This chapter of the fraternity was established at Amherst College in 1893.

This storefront showcases the business of Cady R. Elder, who was a dealer in kitchen furnishings (note the Crawford Ranges sign) and other items, like the lawnmowers shown in this image. The shop was located in Hunt's Block. Elder purchased Hunt's…

This storefront view is part of an advertisement and showcases two different businesses on North Pleasant Street, Julius H. Trott, plumbing, and John Gordon, bicycle repair.

This building, located on the line of New London Northern Railroad, was part of the Amherst Gas Company.

View of the interior of Deuel's Drug Store showing the soda fountain and two employees. This image is part of an advertisement which states: "Guests of Amherst House are referred to Deuel's Drug Store, Amherst House block. Toilet articles of all…

Pasture and herd of cows which belonged to Spring Farm on South Pleasant Street. The farm was run by Harry M. Whitaker.

Farm house and barns belonging to Spring Farm, located about three miles from the Amherst House and 1 1/2 miles from the Notch on South Pleasant Street (possibly #466). The brochure states: "The farm comprises 122 acres, a continuous stretch of…

View of the interior of the shop of Stanley A. Phillips on North Pleasant Street. This image is part of an advertisement. Visible in the shop are toilets, stoves, sinks, and a bathtub. The brochure states: "Plumbing of Amherst House lavatory was done…

View of the drill hall with three cannons on the lawn. From Handbook of Amherst by Frederick H. Hitchcock (1894): The drill Hall was erected in 1883, at an expenditure of $6500. The Armory, at the right of the entrance, contains the arms furnished by…

View of the Botanic Museum, Hatch Experiment Station Lab, and Durfee Plant House.

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View of the barn, veterinary lab, and hospital stable at Massachusetts Agricultural College.

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View of the dormitories and chapel/library at Massachusetts Agricultural College.

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Game room at the Amherst House showcasing several pool tables.

View of Arthur E. Hobart's farmhouse and barns. The brochure states: "The Amherst House is supplied with milk from A. E. Hobart's farm, situated on North Pleasant Street about two miles on main road from Amherst House. Farm comprises 60 acres with 30…

One of the private chambers at the Amherst House. The brochure states: "The chambers throughout the hotel are all outside rooms, comprising high studded, well lighted and airy sleeping apartments arranged single or en suite, finely furnished and…
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