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A group of five children facing the camera, stand on by the entrance to a barn watching a crowd of chickens, some white and some matted brown, feeding. A dog walks towards the barn.

Edith Barstow stands in front of the blackboard in the Hockanum schoolhouse looking at a math problem. The names Luther Barstow and Oscar Johnson are written in chalk on the top of the blackboard.

Terrace Home School on South Prospect.jpg
View of the school which came to be called the Terrace Home School on South Prospect Street. It was run for many years by Josephine Herrick and was a school for children with special needs. Instruction was given in instrumental and vocal music,…

Group portrait of male and female students posed in front of a building at Amherst College. All the students signed the back of the photograph. The instructor of the course, William I. Fletcher (fifth from the right standing in back), also signed the…

This church building was erected in 1870-71 from designs by W.A. Potter of New York and through the generosity of William F. Stearns, who contributed the largest portion of the funds for its erection. The gable ends of the building were decorated by…

Exterior view of the Amherst College church. Built in the 1870s, the church was razed in 1948 to make room for the Mead Art Gallery.

View looking south down South Pleasant Street showing the business blocks of Merchants' Row and horses hitched to wagons parked on the street. The second Amherst House is in the foreground.

The Hockanum schoolhouse during flood. Water is not high enough to reach the school but the road and surrounding fields are flooded. Two boys sit in a boat, a girl and a boy stand nearby. Anna McQueston (later the wife of Clifton Johnson) stands In…

Two boys stand in front of the blackboard of the Hockanum schoolhouse, one leaning back, both looking at each other. A dresser stands on the left and a table and chair on the right. A pile of clothes lies on the floor. The names Freddie and Tommy are…

This building (birthplace of Helen Hunt Jackson) was erected on Oak Grove Hill, which leads over Lessey Street. It was eventually demolished and is now the site of the Tyler House, Amherst College residence hall.

Home of Professor John Mason Tyler on Tyler Place in Amherst.

This brick house on College Street belonged to Julius H. Seelye, who was President of Amherst College from 1876 to 1890.

A young girl, possibly Edith Barstow or Hettie Johnson, standing in front of the blackboard in the Hockanum schoolhouse reading her composition to the class.

This building, originally the residence of the first president of Amherst College, was erected on the south corner of Pleasant and Sellen Streets. It was purchased by the fraternity in 1879 and was sold in 1912, after the construction of the new…

View of Morgan Library, the Amherst College President's House and College Hall on the west side of South Pleasant Street after the addition to the Library in 1882.
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