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Collage view of three Amherst scenes described as the Amherst House, Phoenix Row, and Dickinson Block.

Amherst Tax Records 1890.pdf
Tax record book showing property owned and its value.

View of the length of Town Common from north to south. Boltwood Avenue is on the left and South Pleasant Street on the right.

View of the newly constructed Town Hall and Main Street. Ivy has been planted and is just beginning to grow up the front of the building. The clock has not been installed and there is a partial view of the Grace Episcopal Church rectory on the right.…

View of the newly constructed Town Hall. This may be the earliest photograph after the completion of Town Hall. The clock has not been installed and there are no bushes planted in front. There is a partial view of the Grace Episcopal Church rectory…

This building was erected in 1855 and was named for the Hon. Samuel Appleton. It contained the Hitchcock Ichnological Collection, the Gilbert Museum of Indian Relics, and the Adams Zoological Collection.

Rows of glass display cases in a long room with a dinosaur skeleton and a Native American mural on the far wall.

View of a pine grove with chairs and a hammock set up. Written on the back of the photograph, "where outdoor gatherings will be held; Mr. Fearing's grove; Wild Garden; now frat; backyard on North Pleasant and Fearing St."

This building was erected in 1860, and was named for Dr. Benjamin Barrett, a large contributor to the fund for its construction. Amherst was the first College to introduce gymnastic exercise as a part of regular College work.

This house was located on the north corner of College Street and Boltwood Avenue, and was purchased by the fraternity in 1886. It was demolished in 1914 to make way for the new Beta Theta Pi house. This chapter of the fraternity was the outgrowth of…

View of the Amherst College Beta Theta Pi fraternity house. It stood on the corner of Maple Avenue (now Boltwood Avenue) and College Street. It was demolished in 1914 to make way for the new Beta Theta Pi house.

Collage view of three buildings at Massachusetts Agricultural College, and two area scenes described as the Insectary, Botanical Laboratory, and Drill Hall; also two views of the waterfall in Whateley Glen.

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Dickinson Block on the southeast corner of North Pleasant Street in the area where Antonio's Pizza is now located. Businesses visible, from right to left, are: C. H. Sanderson & Co, clothiers, The Grange Store, S. A. Phillips, a meat market, and a…

View of Massachusetts Agricultural College buildings from across the the stream before it was dammed to create the campus pond. Buildings from left to right are the early Drill Hall, Old Chapel, second incarnation of Old South College, North College,…

View of the Old Chapel at Massachusetts Agricultural College, which was designed by architect Stephen C. Earle of Worcester and constructed in the years 1884-86. View looking across the campus pond which was created in 1892.
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