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View of the East Experiment Station with an ornate Victorian greenhouse (later removed). The Richardsonian Romanesque structure was designed by architect Emory Ellsworth, and construction was completed in 1890. A wooded hillside is visible in the…

Insectary of the entomological department of the Hatch Experiment Station, constructed in 1889.

View of the house the Henry Hill Goodell lived in when he was president of Massachusetts Agricultural College. Robert Frost later bought and lived in this house from 1932 to 1938.

A view of the campus and surrounding land taken from the elevated ground of Mount Pleasant and showing North Pleasant Street in the lower part of the image. Old Chapel and other college buildings are shown in the distance.

View of a group of men on horses in front of the flagpole on the Town Common which was dedicated on July 4, 1899. Names written on verso: Leonard M. Hills, Dr. Perry, Dr. Gates, Charles Edward, George Thayer, Fred Hawley, Julius Trott, Dr. E.M.…

Crowd standing on the Town Common during the dedication of the new flagpole on July 4, 1899. Carriages pulled by horses are visible in the foreground.

View of the flag pole with waving American flag which was dedicated on the Town Common on July 4, 1899. Photograph probably taken from a building in Merchants' Row. Written in the Amherst Record of June 28, 1899, "For the first time in many years…

View of the length of Town Common from north to south. Boltwood Avenue is on the left and South Pleasant Street on the right.

House on Sunset Avenue built by Edward W. Carpenter (foreground) with a view of the adjacent house in the background.

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View of Chase's Block on the corner of Amity and North Pleasant Streets. The view includes a parked wagon with a picnic basket beside it, and a baby carriage on the porch in front of the tailoring shop of Henry O. Pease. Other shops in the building…

View of a pine grove with chairs and a hammock set up. Written on the back of the photograph, "where outdoor gatherings will be held; Mr. Fearing's grove; Wild Garden; now frat; backyard on North Pleasant and Fearing St."

Dickinson Block on the southeast corner of North Pleasant Street in the area where Antonio's Pizza is now located. Businesses visible, from right to left, are: C. H. Sanderson & Co, clothiers, The Grange Store, S. A. Phillips, a meat market, and a…

View of the Grace Episcopal Church and tower on Boltwood Avenue covered in ivy.

View of the Grace Episcopal Church and tower on Boltwood Avenue covered in ivy. Written on verso: "clock and bell added to tower 1868; fence added in 1880 by Professor Tuckerman, at his own expense."

View of the newly constructed Town Hall. This may be the earliest photograph after the completion of Town Hall. The clock has not been installed and there are no bushes planted in front. There is a partial view of the Grace Episcopal Church rectory…
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