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Deed from Joseph Eastman of Hadley to Jonathan Smith of Hadley conveying tract of land in the second division of the Third Precinct (now Amherst).

Lithograph of two North American Indians carrying game suspended on a pole between them.

Agreement between Peletiah Smith and seven others to build, and to share equally the cost of, a gristmill to be situated on the Fort River in the Second Precinct of Hadley.

Warrant to Nathan Dickinson, constable, for collection of taxes in Third Precinct of Hadley (now Amherst).

Many of the early settlers combined some other occupation with that of farming. Nathaniel Smith, who was among the first of the East Inhabitants of Hadley, was a doctor, the first to practice his profession in the new settlement.

Deed from Ichabod Smith of Hadley to Nathaniel Smith, his son, conveying parcel of land in the second division of the Third Precinct (now Amherst).

Lithograph of a North American Indian hunting a deer.

According to text on the back of the photograph, this house was built by John Sheldon about 1690 and razed in 1848. This photograph was copied from the only daguerreotype of the house in existence, belonging to the late Professor Aaron Warner (of…

Tax record book showing property owned and its value.

Account book kept by unknown person recording transportation of goods such as salt, molasses, and rum, up and down the Connecticut River during the years 1753 through 1756.
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