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Account Book Warner Simeon Clark 1757 600 dpi.jpg
Section from the account book of David Warner, a local blacksmith, showing work he completed for Simeon Clark. Some of the jobs listed: fixing the rim on a dishkettle, fixing grips for a harrow, mending chain, and mill work in a saw mill. The account…

Letter from Jeffery Amherst to Lt. Col. John Bradstreet regarding construction of boats, hire and pay of laborers, and finance for military campaign, March 5, 1759. Several months later Amherst successfully captured Fort Ticonderoga on the Hudson…

This is a letter of petition to Thomas Pownall, Governor of the Province of Massachusetts. John Nash, Isaac Ward, and Nehimieh Dickinson propose that the new town that is separating from Hadley should be named after Baron Jeffery Amherst.

Hadley, Northampton, Hatfield, and Deerfield are portrayed.

English. Title in German. Some place names, terms, etc., also have German work supplied. From the author's Atlas geographicvs major. 1753-59 [i.e. 1784; v. 1, 1759] part of v. 1, part 2,…

Record of town meeting held in Amherst in 1755, 20 years after the first meeting. Votes recorded are concerned with choosing officers, committees, raising money for wood for the minister, that the committee chosen to "seat the meetinghouse" make some…

Will of Nathaniel Smith, one of the early settlers of Amherst. He was the first physician to practice in Amherst. He was also a farmer. In this, his last will and testament, he leaves money to his wife and daughter, both named Rebekah, and some to…

Warrant to Ebenezer Kellogg to have him notify the inhabitants of Hadley Third Precinct (now Amherst) to meet at the house of Zachariah Field on October 8th to decide matters relating to choosing officers who will have the power to call meetings, and…

Deed from Ebenezer Kellogg of Hadley to Nathaniel Smith of Hadley conveying tract of land in the second division of the Third Precinct (now Amherst).

Letter to Mary Boltwood from her husband on the day before he says he is to set sail with a large contingent of soldiers, from Lake George to Ticonderoga.

Fort Ticonderoga controlled the route between the Hudson River Valley and Canada in the wars…

Receipt written by David Parsons, Amherst's first minister, for payment of his salary in old tenor money by Jonathan Dickinson, one of the first Selectmen of Amherst and the treasurer at the time.

Subscription list for Peletiah Smith and seven others to share labor to build a gristmill on the Fort River in the Second Precinct of Hadley.

Record of a precinct meeting held in a section of Hadley (now Amherst) in 1745, 10 years after the first meeting. Votes recorded are concerned with choosing officers, committees, highway work, wood for the minister, making payment for services, and…

Warrant to Nathan Dickinson, constable, for collection of taxes in Third Precinct of Hadley (now Amherst).

Bond given by William Boltwood, Josiah Moody and Ebenezer Mattoon to Elisha Porter, sheriff of Hampshire County, for 100 pounds of lawful money guaranteeing Boltwood's continued imprisonment and safekeeping in the Northampton jail until lawfully…

Deed from Ichabod Smith of Hadley to Nathaniel Smith, his son, conveying parcel in the third division of the Third Precinct (now Amherst).
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