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The press release describes the event for Robert Francis at The Jones Library on August 12, 1986 celebrating the poet's 85th birthday. Richard Wilbur, Henry Lyman, Joseph Langland, and Andrew Salkey were among those scheduled to read the poems of…

A newspaper clipping describes a poetry reading by Robert Francis to take place on September 11 at the Jones Library. The reading was jointly sponsored by The Jones Library and the University of Massachusetts Press in celebration of the poet's new…

A typed version of Robert Francis' poem, "Robert Frost in Amherst," signed at the bottom by Francis and dated April 14, 1932

Book cover of Frost: A Time to Talk; Conversations & Indiscretions Recorded by Robert Francis, which was published in 1972 by the University of Massachusetts Press.

This 1980 program from the Amherst Ballet Theater Company reprints Robert Francis' poem, "Silent Poem," which was featured as part of the performance.

A typed sheet with recipes for gingerbread, brownbread, corn bread, banana bread, and a bread called the Fort Juniper Special.

Robert Francis handmade Christmas cards for his friends. This one was written to Dorothy and includes a personal note about his former neighbor, Frank Adamites, naming his son after Francis.

Photograph taken at Robert Frost's home in Amherst of five poets (from left to right): Joseph Auslander, Robert Frost, Audrey Wurdemann, David Morton, and Robert Francis.

Fort Juniper with cars.jpg
Fort Juniper, the home of Robert Francis, appears in the left corner with a 1927 or 1928 Chevrolet and a 1941 Dodge Business Coupe parked in the driveway.

Photograph of a hillside in Lebanon (possibly Beirut) taken by Robert Francis. Scene shows many buildings and mountains in the background, but no people are visible.

The bookmark from The Jones Library features the library's hours, including the hours for the Special Collections department, as well as a poem, "Balance," by Robert Francis.

The Kansas University Pop Ensemble program includes the Robert Francis poem, "Summons," set to music composed by Mike Huebner. Wendy Walton was the soloist during the performance.

Letter from the Rands (signed F.P.R. for Frank Prentice Rand) to Robert Francis sending Francis their best wishes before he travels to Italy.

Letter written from Robert Francis to Nonny Burack while Francis was in Firenze, Italy. Burack managed Francis' affairs in Amherst while he was abroad. The letter sends holiday greetings, discusses receipt of mail, and remarks on Francis' Christmas…

Letter from Robert Francis to William Merrill, Director of The Jones Library, regarding plans for Founders Day.
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