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Letter from the Rands (signed F.P.R. for Frank Prentice Rand) to Robert Francis sending Francis their best wishes before he travels to Italy.

Postcard sent to Charles R. Green at The Jones Library from Robert Francis while Francis was traveling in Rome, Italy. Francis thanks Green for his bon voyage card, wishes him a happy new year, and reports that he has "found Frost in three libraries:…

Photograph taken by Robert Francis of a group of children dressed in costume. The caption on the reverse states, "Play given by orphans at Hilltop orphanage, Sidon."

Photograph of Pigeons' Rock (also known as the Rock of Raouché) taken by Robert Francis while he was in Lebanon teaching for a year.

Photograph of a hillside in Lebanon (possibly Beirut) taken by Robert Francis. Scene shows many buildings and mountains in the background, but no people are visible.

Photograph of poet Robert Francis in a suit and jacket, wearing a tie

Photograph taken at Robert Frost's home in Amherst of five poets (from left to right): Joseph Auslander, Robert Frost, Audrey Wurdemann, David Morton, and Robert Francis.

Robert Francis visits The Jones Library
Compiled video clips from the raw footage taken during the filming of the 1979 documentary "Robert Francis Through the Looking Glass" shows Robert Francis walking into The Jones Library, reading a newspaper, selecting a book, and visiting the Robert…

Robert Francis - raspberry poem.mp4
Robert Francis recites his poem, "Paradox," while standing by a raspberry bush. This clip is from the raw footage filmed for the "Robert Francis: Through the Looking Glass" documentary.

Robert Francis on naming of Fort Juniper.mp4
Robert Francis relates how his home came to be known as Fort Juniper. This clip is from the raw footage filmed for the "Robert Francis: Through the Looking Glass" documentary.

Robert Francis on Thoreau.mp4
Robert Francis talks about the influence of Henry David Thoreau on his life and writing as well as the philosophical differences between Thoreau's and his own view of nature. This clip is from the raw footage filmed for the "Robert Francis: Through…

This group has come together to listen to Robert Francis read poetry on the lawn outside the Jones Library.

Robert Francis on his word count poems.mp4
Amherst poet Robert Francis describes his word count poems, in which each line of a poem has the same number of words.

Robert Francis on his writing process.mp4
Robert Francis discusses his writing process and states that it is one of revision. He considers a poem finished when he publishes it.

Robert Francis on his first book.mp4
Amherst poet Robert Francis talks about the importance of the 1936 publication of his first book of poetry, Stand With Me Here.
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