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A black woman in Oakley, South Carolina mlls rice by pounding it with a pestle in a large wooden mortar. A man looks on from the doorway.
Caption on back: "These two children are with their granny who is smoking her pipe. The girl looking out from the window is the belle of Shacktown. Wooden blocks have been put under the house for it to stand on. Such foundations are common in the far…
A Tuskegee student kneels by a small greenhouse he has built from spare bits and pieces.
A lone black woman begins to row across the Mississippi River to her home near Vicksburg, while a second looks on from the bank.
Caption on back: "Four neighbors, three of whom are girls, the other a barefooted boy with a big toe tied up. They live near the Great Natural Bridge that has an arch two hundred and fifteen feet high." Bridge is located south-west of…
One page, typed, signed letter from Booker T. Washington to Clifton Johnson, on Tuskegee Institute stationery. Washington thanks Johnson for sending a book for the library and inquires about the photographs Johnson had recently taken.
A black woman performs domestic work in an early 20th century kitchen in Alabama. Around her are bottles, boxes, utensils, and dishes.
Booker T. Washington stands over a pig patting its back in a fenced field holding a bucket in his left hand. A calf is partly in shot on the right and farm buildings are visible behind the fence.
A black woman sells cabbages from a cart in Charleston, South Carolina. A man has come to buy and is weighing one in his hand.
A black boy chops wood in front of a schoolhouse in Tennessee, while two other boys and a girl look on. In the background, a woman, perhaps the teacher, is speaking with a girl.
Cover of Highways and Byways of the South, by Clifton Johnson, published 1905.
A black man driving a cart has stopped in the road to speak with two black women.
Booker T. Washington kneels in the woods, searching for flowers. His son David stands next to him.
Caption on back: "A boy hunter and his four-legged companions. The dogs have to wait while he shows two of his boy friends just how the gun works. Did you count the dogs?"
A pair of young black sisters sit on a porch in Tennessee. One is in a chair and sewing. The other is on the porch itself, and is holding a doll and looking up at the other.
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