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The barber is cutting a man's hair while a young boy peers up inquisitively at the process. Caption on back "The Hair-cut" and "The little boy watched the woodshed barber so closely that the craftsman said, "I guess you're goin' to learn the tradeā€¦
A black man grazes a horse in his yard and talks to a woman. In the background, children are sitting on the steps of the house.
Booker T. Washington stands next to a chicken coop. At his feet is a group of chickens. He holds a pail of feed in one hand and sprinkles it for the chickens with the other.
One page, typed, signed letter from George Washington Carver to Clifton Johnson, on Tuskegee Institute stationery. Carver thanks Johnson for his last letter and discusses Johnson's books.
A dilapidated wood cabin, identified as the building Booker T. Washington started his school. A wooden fence and some trees are on the right. Caption on back: "The cabin in which Booker Washington started his school."
An older black woman seated in a chair, and a child, possibly her daughter or granddaughter, read together in Louisiana.
Two apron-wearing women hang laundry to dry on a fence outside their house in Tuskegee, Alabama.
An older black couple with smiling faces, in their yard in Vicksburg, Mississippi, look at each other. The woman is stirring a kettle and the man is sitting in a chair.
Booker T. Washington sits on a bench with his son David standing next to him. At their feet are two rabbits.
Booker T. Washington stands in a pasture, holding a mare's bridle and reaching out to make friends with her colt.
Booker T. Washington standing on a log above a brook holding a walking stick on his right hand and his hat in his left hand. Bushes and trees are visible behind him.
A black man splitting boards for a roof in Virginia.
On the bank of the Ohio River in West Virginia, a black boy pulls his little brother in a tiny toy wagon.
A black boy is sitting on a porch, reading to his father, who, according to the back of the photograph, does not know how.
Booker T. Washington standing in the woods pulling at a branch and looking at the flowers of a tree.
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