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Three white boys stand on the shore of a river with one boy pointing into the water and the other two looking at where he is pointing. Caption: "'A fish!' in the Rio Grande, and the boys get quite excited over it.

Two white boys stand on a dirt path with the smaller hiding behind the taller boy as he holds out his hand towards a goat facing them. A white fence lines the path on the left and trees grow on the right.
Article written by Booker T. Washington (with photography by Clifton Johnson) that reflects a casual and personal look into Washington's philosophy and daily life. He relates his fondness for animals, his daily routine, and how the practical aspects…

A man stands by an open door to a wood shed holding an axe and resting his foot on the wooden frame of a grinding stone looking at the blade resting on his knee.

A black woman stands in a farm yard holding a wicker basket in her right hand and corn in her left which she is point giving to an approaching mule. Three wooden shacks are near her in the yard and trees grow in the background.

Four men sit and stand around a fishing boat looking up at a man standing on the harbor looking at them. The sail on the ship is down. Other ships are visible across the water with harbor buildings behind them.

A woman (identified as one of the Marsh sisters) faces is seated on a piano bench playing a spinet piano.

Two white men stand facing each other. One stands in the door of a tent and the other stands outside it. A stove stands in the foreground and mountains rise in the background.

A black woman holding a child's hand stands on a dirt road looking at a black man sitting on a mule with a second mule standing next to them. A fence runs along the road behind them.

A white girl stands by a stone step to a house holding a screaming baby standing on the first step. Wooden planks block the bottom of the open door to the brick house.

Pen and ink illustration of a man spreading manure in field. He stands in the back of a wagon pulled by a horse.

A young white woman stands on a barge holding her hand high. A dog stands on its hind legs reaching up and a second woman stands watching. Caption reads: "A girl's pet on an Erie Canal boat. 'Speak!' she says as she holds up a bone. The girl and the…

A white woman stands by a back door of a house covered with white siding, covering her eyes and looking towards a man holding a pail and walking towards the house. Two horses hitched to a cart are in the middle ground and a second cart stands in…

A white man on a horse pulling on the reins while a white boy stands leaning against a wooden pillar, watching. The dirt road extends up a hill into a town with buildings on the right and utility poles on the left.

A girl pushing a baby carriage with a baby inside while another girl walks alongside. A ladder stile leads up on the side of the path.
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