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One page, typed, signed letter from George Washington Carver to Clifton Johnson, on Tuskegee Institute stationery. Carver thanks Johnson for his last letter and discusses Johnson's books.
A one-page, typed, signed letter from George Washington Carver to Clifton Johnson, on Tuskegee Institute stationery. Carver thanks Johnson for sending him some photographs and hopes Johnson will visit Tuskegee again.

A portrait of "the Old Leather Man," Jules Bourglay sitting down. His entire outfit is made of leather patched together with leather lacings.

Watercolor painting of a rural scene.

A man stands look out at the valley, while leaning against a wooden gate. Caption on reverse reads "Catskills Roxbury John Burroughs overlooking the valley from the old farm. Late afternoon. Enjoying the old farm view over the western valley."

A woman wearing a dress and headscarf piles cubes of peat outside her thatch-roofed cottage.

A small wagon, referred to as the Kingsley car, parked by the side of Mount Holyoke with rocks and some fallen tree trunks in front. School children peer out of the window and sit or stand by the rocks and logs outside looking at the camera.

Elbridge Kingsley sitting in a chair holding a palette in one hand and a brush in other painting a landscape. Papers lie loose in a suitcase on a shelf above the easel and another suitcase rests closed by the artist's feet.

Two men sit on stools in front of a car which served as Kingsley's traveling studio. A painting rests against the front wheelof the wagon. A part of a house is visible directly behind the wagon and bare trees are seen in the background.

A man sitting on a stool removing a lid off a pot on a portable stove in front of a traveling car A second man, Elbridge Kingsley, walks near the wagon. A house is partly visible behind the wagon.

Elbridge Kingsley sitting on a stool in front of an easel painting a ruined house before him.

A man sits on a rock looking at paintings hanging in a little shed while another man sits on a stool inside the shed. Some clothes hang drying by Kingsley's traveling car with trees growing in the background.

A man, identified as Hudson Maxim, and his wife Lilian Durban, stand in the middle of a dirt road in front of a covered bridge. A wooden fence extends on either side of the road and some houses are visible on the far side of the bridge in theā€¦

A man, identified as Hudson Maxim, stands on a wooden plank with a woman next to him, looking at workers building a kiln in a brickyard.

Hudson Maxim slides down a sandbank while two men look from atop the embankment. A wagon filled with sand stands near the bottom with a third man looking at Hudson. A couple of buildings are visible in the background, through bare trees.
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