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North Fire Station on East Pleasant Street at Eastman Lane.

Image of Amherst High School marching band, closeup shown of girl playing a baritone horn beside a boy in glasses standing and cradling a trombone, other students are a part of the formation both playing and not, all are on an Amherst downtown street…

A Morris dancer performs in front of spectators while another group member plays the accordion. The Jones Library can be seen in the background.

Child standing in front of mittens and gloves hung in front of fireplace at Jones Library. Caption on reverse reads, "March 27, 1974 Gene Westbrooks surveys a group of lost mittens and gloves strung across the fireplace in Jones Library."

Image of woman posing in pant and turtleneck with open jacket. Showing woman leaning against bus stop glass with foot on bench, business fronts in background including Russell's Liquors Inc.

Image of the House of Walsh store front.

Image of four girls dressed in work jumpsuits working on car part at center of image.

amherst_record_collection_ dec_1974_ fort_river_elementary_school_quad_c.jpg
Image of students working and talking at tables. At front one boy who shares a table with one other boy, shows a book to a boy at the table across from him, another table of two boys, in the back right is a table of three girls.

Image of the exterior of Fort River Elementary School, with remaining construction materials and dug up terrain in fore ground.

Portrait of of two parents and a child standing in front of building, all smiling, mother on left, father on right, and child in center, all dressed in fall clothing, warm sweaters.

Image of 8 children loaded into car, viewed outside of the car rear, one child with a "space:1999" lunch box.

Charles and Polly Longsworth on a bicycle on the Hampshire College campus. The Johnson Library can be seen in the background. September 26, 1968

Child standing by an avocado plant at the Jones Library. Caption on reverse reads, "Sept. 26, 1973 Children's Room at the North Amherst Library is home to a flourishing avocado plant donated by Nanny Burack. This plant eventually made its way to…

Image of five students and two adults posed outside of a building, on the left three girls in front and two boys behind, and two men on the right, the center of the two holding a trophy.

A photograph taken in an auditorium during Town Meeting. A man stands at a podium on the stage, while another person stands at a podium on the floor, speaking to the seated assembly. Several people are sitting at tables flanking the speaker, and two…
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