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A group of people (probably the Town Representatives) are sitting in an auditorium, with one gentleman standing up in the center of the photograph speaking toward a person or persons out of frame right.

A photograph taken in an auditorium during Town Meeting. A man stands at a podium on the stage, while another man stands at a podium on the floor, speaking to the seated assembly. Several people are sitting at a table left of center.

Photograph of four men each holding a toy and standing before a pile of toys.

A picture of the Amherst Arts and Crafts Fair, used on page 10 of the Amherst Record "Spring '74" section 24 March 1974, as a promotion for the upcoming 1 June Fair.

Dow Holden and Raymond Cicia, members of a club of amateur rocketeers in East Amherst, ignite a solid-fuel rocket from a launch pad near Dow's home on Main St in Amherst.
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