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View west toward the campus pond and the Old Chapel.

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Formerly known as the Prospect House, this building is still standing on the corner of Amity and North Prospect Streets. Two stories were added and it was covered with stucco since its previous incarnation. It has also been known as Drake's Hotel,…

View east over the campus pond and toward the Pelham hills.

View looking toward the Old Chapel and the area where the Fine Arts Center is currently located.

President's house at Massachusetts Agricultural College
This elegant house, known as Hillside House, was built in 1883-1884 for the president of the Massachusetts Agricultural College.

Turn of the century view of the library. The building is a small, clapboard Queen Anne style structure and was designed by Roswell F. Putnam of Leverett. Montague Road and Sunderland Road are dirt.

Caption on back: "North Amherst Library, built…

View of a young boy fishing at Mill Pond in Cushman. The pond was at the corner of State Street and East Leverett Road and was the water source for the mills downstream, including the Roberts mill.

View of several barns located in a field planted with rows of corn on the Massachusetts Agricultural College campus.

View showing Candida Musante beside the stand that became an Amherst institution. She and her husband (known as "Peanut John") ran a little shop out of Cutler's Block on South Pleasant Street. The Musantes emigrated from Italy, arriving in Amherst in…

View of a ferry crossing the Connecticut River from Northampton to Hockanum in Hadley with Mount Holyoke in the background.

View of the Hills Company hat factory which became one of the largest hat manufacturers in the United States. These buildings were constructed on the east side of the New London Northern Railroad tracks after the first factory was consumed by fire in…

Old station on North Pleasant Street at Massachusetts Agricultural College where passengers could wait for the trolley during inclement weather.

View of a trolley car running through the pass at the Notch in South Amherst.

View of the three bridges crossing the Connecticut River from Hadley to Northampton at the turn of the century. They were the trolley bridge, the old highway bridge, and the Boston and Maine Railroad bridge which is now part of the Norwottuck Rail…
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