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Image of a church and a corner of a hall on the right. Two roads cross each other near the church.

Two cows heading up a herd going down a road to a pasture. An open field on the left and treed hillside on the right. A stone wall with a wood and wire fence divides the road from the field.

A man stands by a an open door of a log cabin holding a flower with wild flowers growing by the side of the cabin.

A man stands on the steps on a stone step in front of a house with a double-barrel shotgun hanging on his left arm. Ivy grows up the side of the entrance.

Two connected houses stand one behind the other. The front house has a roofed porch and its foundation are made of stone. The back house has a wooden staircase leading to a door with two men, one standing, one sitting, looking at the camera. A wood…

A man stands in the doorway of a house while another man sits on the steps leading to the door. A dog sits on the top of the stairs. A second house is attached to the house on the right.

Two man stand looking at the camera. One of them is leaning against a barrel holding a jug preparing to pour a glass. A dog stands at attention in front. The second man stands in an entranceway to a building with two large barrels visible behind him.

A bent-over man works in a field. Trees grow around the field and a mountain rises in the background. A shed is visible on the left.

A man stands looking up, with his right hand against the door frame of a barn and his left hand holding a pitchfork. Some scattered pieces of wood lie against the barn and shrubs and trees grow in the background.

A man stands by a river with his boat in the water near him, baiting the hook on his fishing rod. Some trees grow in the middleground and on the opposite bank. His reflection, that of the boat, and some trees can be seen in the water.

A man with a long white beard sits in a boat holding a fishing rod, fishing near the bank. Some trees are visible in the background. His reflection and that of the trees is visible in the water.

A view of a field with some trees separating it from the road on the right. A house, barn, silo, and other farm buildings visible in the middleground and a mountain stretches on the left in the background.

A dirt road with tall trees growing thick on either side. Two horse-drawn carriages in the middleground. A two-story house with a wooden fence is partly visible on the right.

A two-storey saltbox house with a chimney in the middle of the roof. Two trees stand in the front by the road and a wooden fence runs between them and the house. Another house is partly visible on the left.

A wooden two-storey building with a one-storey addition in the back stands near a road. Two large trees stand in front of it and a wooden fence runs behind the trees. A second house is visible on the right.
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