Art Inspired by Emily Dickinson

For nearly 150 years, Emily Dickinson has been a source of inspiration for creative individuals in all aspects of the arts. Visual artists have shaped her language into images, while choreographers and musicians have responded to her uniquely harmonious rhythms. Scholars and writers have excitedly traveled the labyrinthine paths of her deceptively simple words, finding meaning and unbridled, imaginative spirit for their own works. All have been compelled as much by her persona as by her profound poetry.

Via our links to, YouTube, and Vimeo, visitors to this site will be able to experience Dickinson's continuing influence on the imagination of artists worldwide. Enter a fascinating, ever-growing world of Dickinson-inspired paintings, photographs, films, music, and text.

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 "I Heard a Fly Buzz When I Died" on YouTube

"My Emily Dickinson: The Movement of Sight and Sound" on YouTube


Art Inspired by Emily Dickinson